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Derbyshire Mini League T&F Athletics M1 - 27th April 2013

Derbyshire Mini League T&F Athletics M2 - 27th April 2013

Derbyshire Mini League T&F Athletics M3 - 27th April 2013

Derbyshire Mini League T&F  Scores 2013
Mini Track & Field
Derbyshire Mini League Track and Field 2014
Here are the initial details of this seasons Mini League. I have attached:

1.    The League rules. Please ensure that your Team Managers and officials have a copy.
2.    The standard declaration sheet. Remember to complete and email to
Trev Jolly BEFORE Match 1.
3.    Timetables for all 4 matches updated for 2014. Please DO NOT USE any other Programmes from previous years.
4.     The existing League records (red = 2013) for your information.

Please note the changes:

a.    I have re-allocated the competitor number ranges just to tidy things up a little. Please note whether you have a new or additional range in plenty of time to buy new numbers if needed.
b.    The League will be implementing the new throws weights for females in line with the UKA changes and new records will be started accordingly.
c.    Discus for U13 girls and boys has been added following suggestions from clubs. This will be trialled this season to see how the event fits into the timetable and it’s popularity.

And finally ..... the usual request for officials. We have come so very very close at times to cancelling a field discipline because clubs have not provided sufficient officials. Please note your field officiating rota duties and communicate them to your officials. Derby AC are not obliged to provide more officials than any other club just because we are using Moorways. Mini League matches are ideal learning environments for inexperienced or timid officials (but please ensure they have a more experienced person on their team to supervise and encourage!). Note that the long throws teams must have a minimum level 2b in attendance.

Any queries as ever please ask.

Four fixtures make up the track and field Mini League with matches traditionally in April through to August. The half day format gives a rolling programme of athletics events designed to be local, short format and easy to take part in.

The overall winning club gets to keep the winners trophy for the year and there are awards for outstanding individual performances. The top performing athletes are selected to represent Derbyshire at the annual Young Athletes Inter County match (usually in September, various host county venues).
Match 1 Programme 2014.pdf

Match 2 Programme 2014.pdf

Match 3 Programme 2014.pdf

Match 4 Programme 2014.pdf

Records track & field at end of 2013 season.pdf

ML Track & field Regulations 2014.pdf

DML DECS 2014.pdf