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County Officials Secretary:  Mike Heffernan.
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It is the responsibility of the County Officials Secretary to maintain an up to date register of Licensed UKA Athletics officials working actively within the county and also their individual grades and disciplines. This is to help with the supplying of suitably qualified officials to Athletics events be they Track and Field events or Endurance events.

As a licenced official it is your responsibility to notify UKA / EA and your County Secretary of any material change, such as Telephone Number, email address, etc. by logging in to your personal entry on ‘Trinity’ the EA Database (just follow this link) UKA. Log in using your Licence number and your chosen password. You can also update your personal photograph if you need to, by uploading a digital image onto your profile. (If you have difficulty logging in contact Mike)

It is also the County Officials Secretary’s responsibility for arranging the Education and Training of all officials (both existing and new officials) within the County. If you are an existing official wishing to upgrade or wishing to qualify in another discipline, or you are not an official but wish to know more about officiating then contact Mike as detailed above.

If you are looking for opportunities to officiate during the year a list of events for the current year is published on this web site in the Diary page. If you want to volunteer for any of these events contact Mike as above, or ‘Contact us’.

If you are a Meeting / Competition organiser requiring officials for your event in Derbyshire, again contact Mike and we will endeavour to assist you.

Given below are some other useful links for officials, for all the necessary paperwork for recording experience, for record claims, for officials courses currently available and other useful information for all officials whatever your grade, discipline, or experience.

Track & Field:England Athletics
Endurance:England Athletics